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Education at the primary level is a refined process that ensures nourishment of growing children in a healthy atmosphere. Humans have a tendency to learn at a rapid stage in the early years of their childhood and Askaria Education System ensures that your young lings are educated not only in book-knowledge but also in mannerisms of life in general.

Quality education is a continuous process that involves input from a number of correlating factors. Our qualified faculty maintains a regulated course of education, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities which help in a balanced cognitive, emotional and psychomotor development.

Askaria primary school education having a noteworthy influence in a kid’s life, preschool acts like a column which accomplishes more than prepared them for elementary school. Truth be told, the significance of preschool can’t be belittled and is upheld by many research contemplates that have gone ahead to demonstrate that a brilliant preschool.

Askaria schools primary section and elementary education is the fundamental phase of primary education, beginning from Play Group to Class 5 training (The initial three evaluations of grade school, are Play Group, Nursery, Reception or Prep). while child’s who go to a preschool that gives a sustaining and positive condition are more steady.

The target of primary school education is to guarantee the broad-based improvement of child’s. This implies ensuring that all children can build up their individual, social, passionate, social and physical aptitudes to the best of their capacities, setting them up for their further school career.

As a demonstrated pioneer of 21st-century early childhood instruction, we give an instructive preferred standpoint by urging kids to find an adoration for learning in a fun and intelligent way. Offering the extremely most delicate blend of a Montessori educational framework, utilizing multi-tangible learning procedures and other exceedingly regarded instructive structures used all around the globe – we can offer your tyke an excellent preschool program dissimilar to some other.

The Pre School is related to the primary education program which is comprised of beginning three years of instruction starting from Play or Pre Nursery Class understudies age 3+ and Nursery Class Students age 4+ and Prep Class Students age 5+. The most tuition based school have fluctuated classes names for Pre School Classes I-e, Nursery, Kindergarten-1, and Kindergarten-2. Though, a few schools names preschool classes like Nursery, Kindergarten, and Prep.


Head Office Askaria Education System

Address: 140 Saif Ullah Lodhi Road Saddar Rawalpindi
Contact No: 051-5580091-93

Askaria School & College
Girls Wing Saddar Campus

Address: 117 Market Road Saddar Rawalpindi
Contact No: 051-5130324, 5130050, 0335-4958623

Askaria School & College
Boys Wing Wah Cantt Campus

Address: A-30 Lala Rukh The Mall Wah Cantt.
Contact No: 051-4532475,03330132001

Askaria School & College
Boys Wing Saddar Campus

Address: 140 Saif Ullah Lodhi Road Saddar Rawalpindi
Contact No: 051-5130217-19, 0334-5464073

Askaria School & College
Girls Wing Gulzar-E-Quaid

Address: 198-A Main Double Road Gulzar-e-Quaid Rawalpindi
Contact No: 051-5956133,5956144, 0332-9456065

Askaria School Adyala Road Campus

Address: St No. 16-B, Wali Colony Al-Badar St, Khawaja Corporation Chowk Adyala Road Rawalpindi.
Contact No: 051-5187343-44, 03320555457

Askaria Schools & Colleges

Affiliated With Fderal Board

The institution aims at imparting quality education to its students, on most modern and scientific lines, in an environment of mutual respect and dignity in order to groom them into good human beings, competent enough to handle challenges of future life, with confidence. No education system can flourish in the vacuum. It must have its roots in its soil. We are quite conscious of the importance of our religion, ideology, conventions, traditions, moral values and cultural heritage.

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